How We Work


Step 1:  Our services begin with a complimentary telephone consultation.


Step 2:  We gather (or help you develop) financial information, including historical financial statements, projections, asset valuations, and industry information.  

We then develop an Offering Memorandum and Proposed Structure for your financing need. This document will contain a comprehensive financial and cash flow analysis, industry review, collateral analysis, and risks and mitigants, all prepared from a lender's point of view. It will provide you with an outsider's view of your company...the good, the bad, and the in-between.

The Offering Memorandum is yours to keep and furnish to proposed lenders as you wish. 

Step 3:  At your option, you may also engage us for the exclusive placement of your transaction, with one of our comprehensive network of banks and lenders.  This process will provide you with several proposals to choose from, which will assure that you recieve the best option for your company.